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Blooming Grove Refuse Information

Please see the informational flyers below regarding the refuse service provided to the Town of Blooming Grove residents. Use the tabs at the top to see your pickup day.  Note, Mt. Lodge has its own flyer and pickup days below.  

Bulk Pickup:  A reminder to all residents of the Town Wide Garbage District and Mt. Lodge Garbage District.  The schedule for Bulk Pickup is April through December only. Bulk Pickup is ONE acceptable item, ONCE a week on your scheduled pick up day. Any items placed out after December and before April will NOT be removed by the garbage company, it will be the homeowner's responsibility to dispose. 

Electronics Recycling:  Please click on link to Orange County website for the current electronics recycling information.

Town Wide Refuse Pickup: Informational Flyer 
The flyer above provides full details on what can be disposed of in both the normal refuse pickup and recyclables pickup.

Effective January 1, 2023, refuse pickup services are provided by Marangi Waste Services.  Customer Service is 845-343-5566.  There will be no changes to toters or pickup schedule. 
Please be advised that as of January 2017 there is a separate charge for all homeowners who have or need additional cans.  

Town Wide Refuse Pickup Days
Use the tabs at the top to find your pickup day. 

Mountain Lodge Refuse Pickup: Informational Flyer
The flyer above provides full details on what can be disposed of in both the normal refuse pickup and recyclables pickup.

Mountain Lodge Refuse Pickup Days
Mountain Lodge Pickup days can be found here: Pickup Days

These streets and developments are picked up on Monday:

Capital Hills
Cedar Hills
Worley Heights
Delano Grove

Emily Lane
JMD Drive
Main Entrance Dr.
Orange and Rockland(Rt.208)-to Round Hill Road
Mountain Road
Palamar Drive
Peddler Hill Road
Prospect East of Peddler Hill
Rabbitt Hill
Rolling Hills
Round Hill Rd 208W.-to Prospect
Seven Springs Road
Shannon Lane
Tanager Road
Turtle Knolls
Via Lipari

These streets are picked up on Tuesday: 

Adelaide Lane
Anastasia Ct
Brian Court
Calvert Drive
Cardinal - Town
Clove Road
Cranberry Road
Crystal Drive
Daley Lane
Evergreen Drive
Felter Hill Road
Harmony Drive
Helms Hill Road
Highview Drive
Hill Road
Hilmar Lane
Hope Chapel Ln
Ivy Lane
Kingfisher Ct
Kings Point Lane
Lake Road
Lasser Lane
Loyee Lane
Lucky Lane
Lynmore Avenue
Mandy Lane
Marys Place
Meghan Court
Menayas Court
Meore Way 
Mountain Lodge Road
Natchu Court
Orrs Mills Road
Penny Lane
Perry Creek Road
Pine Crest Road
Reiher Road
Rena Marie Circle
Round Hill Rd E from 208 to Clove Rd
Sands Point Road
School House Road
South Street
Station Road
Taramar Lane
Thompson Drive
Woodcock Mountain Road

Route 94 - East of Village of Washingtonville

Route 208 - South of Village of Washingtonville

These streets and developments are picked up on Wednesday:

Village of Washingtonville
Achilles Hill
Brewster Court
Bull Road
Cardinal Dr.
Celtic Place
Delano Grove/Heights Trail
Driftwood Lane
Fawn Hill Road
Fountayne Court
Harmony Drive
Hope Chapel Lane
Hunter Road
Innsbruck Road
Josephine Drive
Korby Lane
Leah Place
Madisyn Avenue
Mockingbird Lane
Moffat Road
Oxford Springs Road
Peacock Circle
Prides Crossing
Ramlow Road
Romeo Drive
Salzburg Road
Schueler Road
Shaw Road
Sleepy Hollow
Spring Road
Springstead Drive
Toleman Road
Via Marie
Von Trapp Court
Willow Creek Road
Woodard Road
Woodcock Mtn. Drive

Route 94 - Village of Washingtonville

Route 208 - Village of Washingtonville

Route 208 - North of Village of Washingtonville

These streets are picked up on Thursday: 

Amy Road
Barnes Road
Billy Avenue
Blossom Court
Blue Heron Road
Cherry Hill Road
Co Rte. 51
Craigville Rd- 94 West
Cromline Lane
Dristin Drive
Erinns Trail
Ezras Plateau
Farmingdale Road
Fox Hollow Drive
Goshen Road
Greentree Lane
Heard Road
Horton Road
Howell Lane
Hudson Road
Hulsetown Road
James Street
Jennifer Lane
Judson Lane
Light Horse Lane
Louise Lane
Magnolia Drive
Meadow Avenue
Mitts Way
North Drive
Old Dominion Road
Purgatory Road
Rose Ann Lane
Round Hill Rd W from 
Prospect to Rt.94 
Ruscitti Drive
Sayer Road
Shore Drive
Tamarack Lane
Tuthill Road
Victoria Drive
Woodridge Drive

Route 94 - West of the Village of Washingtonville

These streets are picked up on Friday: 

Alta Mira
Angle Drive
Autumn Lane
Bailie Ln
Bamond Court
Bed Rock Lane
Bens Way
Bull Mill & Mine Road
Camelback Road
Catherine Court
Chandler Drive
Country Woods
Craigville Rd-94 East
Cromwell Road
Damien Court
Durland Drive
Eden Rise
Eldorado Trail
Evelynes Pl
Gabriels Drive
Garnet Hill Rd
Greycourt Road
Hardscrabble Road
Heidi Lane
Heritage Trail
Hubshop Road
Hummingbird Lane
Laroc Road
Museum Village Road
Old Mansion Road
Old Quaker Hill Road
Oxford Depot & Road
Orange and Rockland Rd
Primrose (fka Equestrian)
Prospect West of Peddler Hill
Quaker Hill Road
Rieger Drive
Sackett Square
Seely Road
St Rte 17 & 17M
Whitetail Run